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Savings Builder
Life comes at us fast and unexpected events happen in the blink of an eye. The Savings Builder is a savings account that helps you develop savings habits and establish financial security. It pays you more up front to help pay for life's events even faster.

Dividends are calculated daily and paid monthly. Use the Savings Builder Calculator to estimate what dividends will be earned and what the blended rate will be based on the balance in the account. Dividend rates are tiered as follows.

• Tier 1: $0.00 to $999.99
• Tier 2: $1,000.00 to $1,999.99
• Tier 3: $2,000.00 and above

Check out the current rates for consumer accounts here.

Click the "Add to Wallet" button below, within ComputerLine or the Mobile app, by phone or at a branch.
Earn more on your
initial savings.
Help is here when you need to start building your emergency fund. Savings Builder pays you more on your initial savings to help pay for life's events even faster.
Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, oh my!
The three-tiered earning structure pays you more on your initial Tier 1 savings, then decreases earnings for Tier 2 and Tier 3 savings. This helps you build your savings so you'll have it when you need it most.
Direct deposit puts your money where you need it.
Your emergency fund will add up faster and you won't have to work harder when you set up direct deposit and put a portion into your Savings Builder account.
What are the requirements of a Savings Builder?
To qualify for a Savings Builder you must have one of the following checking accounts:
• Rebuild Checking
• Totally Green Checking
• Classic Checking
• Money Market Checking
• Savings Builder is not available for business accounts, youth accounts, and IRAs/HSAs

Only one Savings Builder per base account is allowed. It can be used for overdraft transfers as well as ATM transactions.
What is a Blended Rate?
The Blended Rate is the average dividend rate for the share based on the total dividends earned for the year divided by the balance of the share.
How do Blended Rates work?
The Savings Builder is a blended rate account which pays a different dividend rate on the amount of funds in each tier. Each dividend rate will apply only to the portion of the account balance within each balance range tier and not the entire account balance.

For example, if you had a daily balance of $10,000 in your Savings Builder account, you would earn the Tier 1 rate on the first $999.99, the Tier 2 rate on dollars $1,000 through $1,999.99, and the Tier 3 rate on dollars $2,000 through $10,000. The APY range for Tier 3 assumes a daily balance of $10,000. A higher daily balance will result in a lower APY being earned. Limit one Savings Builder account per account. Youth accounts, business accounts, Individual Retirement Accounts, and Health Savings Accounts are not eligible for a Savings Builder account.
Are all accounts eligible to add a Savings Builder?
No, Savings Builder is not available for business accounts, youth accounts, and IRAs/HSAs.
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