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Hello! I'm Fran, your Virtual Assistant.
I'm named after our first manager (today's equivalent of President/CEO), Frances (Fran) Lesnieski. Fran was a distinguished leader both at MSUFCU, and nationally, in the credit union movement of "people helping people."
Fran is available on the Phone and Live Chat!
I'll help when you call, in addition to assisting you over chat.

When you call the Credit Union, I'll answer your call and listen to your needs. Simply tell me the reason for your call. You can say something like, "What's my balance?" or "I need an auto loan." I'll either answer your question or transfer you to a representative if I'm unable to assist, making your call experience more seamless. During the Credit Union's regular business hours, if you're short on time, I'll keep your place in line, and have an MSUFCU representative call you back when it's your turn through Courtesy Callback.

Also, I'll greet you first when starting a Live Chat with the Credit Union. If I cannot answer your question I'll immediately connect you with one of my human co-workers during regular business hours to assist you. If it's after regular business hours and you're still in need of help, I'll provide you additional contact options like calling the Call Center or sending an eMessage.

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Is Fran secure and private?
Yes. Fran is a secured system supported through MSUFCU's infrastructure. She will only provide secure account-specific information after you have signed into your account.
Can Fran provide me with account-specific information?
Yes. Fran can provide account-specific information when you have signed into your account through ComputerLine® or the mobile app. Fran will also prompt you to sign into your account if you ask for account-specific information. Fran can provide details such as:

• Your loan rate(s)
• Your account numbers and share IDs
• Lock and unlock your Visa cards directly within chat
• Provide payment details for your account

We are constantly adding more account-specific topics that Fran can help with via chat. When you call our Call Center, Fran will answer your call and transfer you to a representative trained to help with your question.
What can Fran do?
Fran has a vast knowledge base. Her capabilities include complete step-by-step walkthroughs and the ability to provide account-specific information. Fran improves her ability to help with your questions daily with the help of our AI team and advancing technology. Fran can help you by phone and chat! Ask Fran any MSUFCU-related questions, and she would be happy to help!
Where does Fran get her information from?
Fran's knowledge base comes from our designated MSUFCU AI team. While Fran is powered by artificial intelligence, a team member creates every unique reply she gives. Our team gathers information from various sources and updates Fran regularly to ensure she can help members accurately and efficiently. One of the most important ways we improve Fran is through your feedback! You can leave feedback directly to Fran at the end of your conversation with her.
What are Fran's operating hours?
Fran is available to assist all day, every day, 24/7. If Fran cannot assist with your request during regular business hours, you can always speak to a representative. Over the phone, Fran will transfer you to a credit union representative trained to help with your questions. Via chat, Fran will provide you with a link to live chat. If Fran cannot assist you outside of regular business hours, she will provide additional contact options depending on the situation, such as contacting the Call Center or sending an eMessage.
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The screens depicted above are for illustrative purposes only and the text in these screens may not be the exact response Fran provides on every occasion.

Information provided by Fran is intended to assist in the navigation of MSUFCU's digital features and provide additional information on products and services. Information provided by Fran should not be considered financial advice or direction upon which financial decisions should be made. Fran is only available in the English Language.

Additional lines of member service are available through other channels and can be accessed through MSUFCU's website or by phone at 517-333-2424. Contact MSUFCU for needed clarification or support on all information provided by Fran.

Fran is property of MSUFCU and a service mark application is pending. All rights relating to Fran are reserved by MSUFCU.