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Pay Bills Updates
Learn more about the updates to Pay Bills, our online bill payment feature in ComputerLine® and the MSUFCU Mobile app. In response to your feedback, we are made improvements to the look, layout, and functionality of Pay Bills, making it more user friendly and easy to navigate. Check back here for specific information regarding our new Pay Bills system, including the launch date and how your payees and scheduled payments will transition.
How to Use the New Features of Pay Bills
Click the play button below to watch a tutorial on how the new Pay Bills features work.

Improved Design, New Features
We are excited to share the new features in Pay Bills, including:

• Paying bills
• Making person-to-person, and account-to-account transfers
• Setting up recurring or single payments
• Obtain proof of payment within your Activity Feed
• View payment history for each biller*
• Categorize billers into groups for easy access

*Previously referred to as "payees", indicating persons or organizations you have sent money to or received money from.
How can I set up a new biller?
Within the "Pay Bills" tab, current billers will be listed. A transaction can be scheduled by selecting the right-facing arrow to the far right of the biller. Provide the payment details, and follow the prompts to schedule the payment.
How can I add a P2P contact?
A Person2Person contact can be added within the "Pay a Person" tab. Select the "+" sign, or begin typing in the contacts name and choose "+ Add." Complete the required information for the recipient, and choose "Save" to pay them at another time, or "Save and Pay" to pay the recipient right away.
How can I set up an Account2Account transfer?
To make transfers to and from an account you own at other financial institutions, click "MoveMoney", "Pay Bills", then select the "Make a Transfer" tab and choose the "From" dropdown to select an account. From here, select "Add External Account" from the pop-up window and follow the prompts to verify the account, and begin making transfers.
Why didn't my Person2Person contacts or payments transfer to the new Pay Bills?
In order to protect the account security of the P2P recipients, the Credit Union was unable to transfer P2P contact information or scheduled transactions to the new Pay Bills. You can add a new P2P contact by choosing "Pay a Person."
Why didn't my biller convert?
The majority of billers were successfully converted to our new Pay Bills. If a biller was not successfully converted, it may have been due to the contact being a Person2Person contact, or the biller did not have enough information to be successfully converted.

A new biller can be added by choosing the "Pay Bills" tab within Pay Bills, and by selecting the "+" sign or "Add Biller" if no billers are established.
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