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Totally Green Checking
Totally Green Checking
SmartLine Home Equity Loan
SmartLine Home Equity Loan
Financial 4.0
Financial 4.0 is a free resource available to our members that provides financial education to help achieve future goals. Members have access to financial quizzes, published articles, and weekly 30-minute financial literacy sessions, offered September through April yearly.

Financial 4.0 is managed by MSUFCU Financial Educators to ensure members are getting what they need to achieve a successful financial future.

GreenPath Financial Wellness is a non-profit organization offered to MSUFCU members that can assist with paying down current obligations, create a budget, and improve overall financial wellness.

Receive a free credit consultation by calling 877-337-3399 or applying online.
Seminar Series
The Financial Education Seminar Series aims to provide financial resources and education at no cost to community members. Sessions are available virtually and in person, beginning in September and concluding in April. Each season includes a wide array of adult content related to homeownership, estate planning, maximizing Social Security benefits, retirement income planning, credit improvement, and more finance-related topics. The Financial Educator-led seminars include a presentation and live discussion segment where attendees may ask questions pertaining to the topic.

To view upcoming live events, visit MSUFCU's Seminar and Events calendar. Continue advancing along your financial journey by watching recorded sessions from the Seminar Series playlist on MSUFCU's YouTube channel.
The Culture of Finances
The Culture of Finances is a diverse community outreach program that supports, develops, and encourages financial growth through tailored education courses.

These courses provide personalized financial education, address systemic disparities, and aid in conquering financial fears. The goal of this program is for participants to achieve financial confidence, preparedness, and receive the tools to reach their financial dreams.

• Provides courses to the underserved in our community.
• Focuses on increasing financial success for attendees.
• Provides equal access to opportunities and resources.

When you join The Culture of Finances, you'll be provided the tools for financial success, learn about credit, debt management, and more.
Lansing Save
Lansing SAVE is a children's savings program brought to you by the City of Lansing, the Lansing School District, and MSUFCU. These accounts help Lansing School District students start saving money for their future college or career training expenses. Any kindergarten through eighth grade student within the Lansing School District is automatically enrolled in the Lansing SAVE program.

Lansing SAVE provides financial educators to local area schools, providing students with valuable tools to save for their financial future. This program offers students the foundation needed to learn about financial management and plan for their financial futures to achieve their goals and dreams.