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Open Your Wallet

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Totally Green Checking
Totally Green Checking
Classic Checking
Classic Checking
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International Students
Free Spending Account
Why pay for an account? With our Totally Green Spending account, there are no minimum balances or monthly fees. It's everything you want from an account - free, easy, and no strings attached.
Give Yourself
Some Credit
Whether you're establishing credit for the first time or already have a credit card, we're here to help answers questions, and give you the confidence to build a strong financial future.
Location, Location, Location
With 40 ATMs and three branches on campus, as well as a network of ATM and Shared Branch locations all over the country, you can count on access to cash and the accounts you use most, where you need it, when you need it.
Money Transfers Made Easy
Whether you're sending or receiving funds - from someone within the U.S. or abroad, we'll make sure your money gets where it needs to be with fast, easy, and secure international money transfers.
Mobile App
No matter where you go, we'll always be by your side. The MSUFCU Mobile app allows you to safely and securely manage your accounts anytime, anywhere. Move money, find fee-free ATMs, deposit checks, and more!