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Routing Number: 272479663
Swift Code: MSUCUS44
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Account Services

Don't have time to visit a branch? We've got you covered with our account services that allow you to take care of business remotely.
Deposit funds remotely with this free online account feature.
Direct Deposit
A fast and secure way to deposit your paycheck into your account.
View, save, and print your account statements online.
Pay Bills
Pay your monthly bills with our automatic bill paying feature.
Wire Transfers
Complete domestic or international transfers electronically.
Credit Score
View your free quarterly credit score within your online account.
Remote Deposits
With our eDeposit and Direct Deposit options, you can access your funds as soon as they are deposited into your account.

Scan or take a photo of your checks and automatically deposit them into your MSUFCU account. eDeposit is accessible within both ComputerLine® and the mobile app.

Need assistance using eDeposit? Click here.

Direct Deposit
Have your paycheck, federal benefits, or tax refunds deposited into your account automatically with Direct Deposit. Check with your employer to ensure you are eligible for direct deposit to your MSUFCU account. If eligible, you will need:

• Your checking or savings account number
• MSUFCU's routing number: 272479663

If a Direct Deposit Letter is needed, please contact us at 517-333-2424 or through Live Chat.
eStatements and eNotices
Account statements are available within both ComputerLine® and and the mobile app. A 3-year history of your eStatements is available to download, save, or print at anytime.

Available eStatements:
• Visa eStatements
• Transaction Notices
• IRA Tax Form Notices
• Loan Billing eNotices
• Account statements are available on the first of each month.
• Visa eStatements are issued three days at the end of the credit card statement cycle.
• Mortgage eStatements are sent out on the 16th of each month.

To view your eStatements in ComputerLine®, select the My eStatements icon from the menu bar just above your Account Summary. In the mobile app, tap the menu icon from the top left portion of the screen, then select Statements.

Enroll in eStatements and eNotices within ComputerLine® by selecting the "Manage" icon, or within the mobile app by selecting "Statements" from the menu.
Wire Transfers
Domestic wire transfers electronically transfer funds between MSUFCU and eligible institutions within the U.S. International wire transfers electronically transfer funds from one financial institution to another outside of the U.S.

There is a $25 fee for sending domestic wires and a $50 fee for sending international wires. Additionally, there is a $5 fee to receive a wire to your MSUFCU account.

Please note that additional verbal and written confirmation may be required for wire requests. Request to send a wire at any MSUFCU branch, by calling 517-333-2424, or through the Message Center.

Click here for the domestic wire form.
Click here for the international wire form.
Credit Score
We think it is important for you to have access to assist in understanding your credit. One of the tools we provide is free access to credit scores for members that have an active loan or checking account with MSUFCU.

Log in to ComputerLine® or the MSUFCU Mobile app to enroll to receive your quarterly credit score today.

Through this feature you will have the ability to view the following:

• Your quarterly credit score without negatively impacting your credit
• Track your recent scores quarter by quarter
• See key factors that are affecting your score
Pay Bills
Pay Bills is a free service that allows members to pay their bills outside of the Credit Union, transfer funds to their accounts at other financial institutions, and pay other people. Members must have an active checking account to access and use the Pay Bills feature. Payments are able to be issued via check or electronic payment.

Set up payments in ComputerLine® or the mobile app to take the hassle of out paying your monthly bills today.

With this feature, members can:

• Pay Bills
• Make Person-to-Person transfers
• Make Account-to-Account transfers
• Set up recurring or single payments
Member2MemberSM is a secure, simple and free way to instantly send and receive money to MSUFCU members through the MSUFCU Mobile app or ComputerLine.

This service offers:

• Instant deposits once funds are accepted
• Free transfers between MSUFCU members
• Secure transfers, bank information is never shared
• Easily send and receive funds using your email or phone number
• Transfers of up to $1,500 daily

To learn more about how to use Member2MemberSM, click here.

How do I use pay bills in the mobile app?
To use pay bills, select MoveMoney, then choose Pay Bills, then Make A Transfer or Pay A Person.

If you would like to make a one time MSUFCU loan payment from another financial institution, simply select MoveMoney, then choose Manage Preferences, and lastly select External ACH Accounts.

Once the external account has been added, go to MoveMoney, choose ?Transfer Funds, select the MSUFCU loan you would like to make a payment to, and the external account will be listed as an account to transfer funds from.

How do I set up direct deposit?
To set up direct deposit, you will need:
• Your MSUFCU base account number and two digit ID designating your checking or savings share
• MSUFCU's routing number: 272479663

You may request a Direct Deposit letter with all of this information included for your account by contacting us or by visiting any of our branch locations.
Where can I find my MSUFCU tax statements?
Depending on your IRS forms statement preference, you will receive them by paper mail or receive an email indicating they are available within your account.

The IRS 1098 and 1099 can be accessed via ComputerLine by clicking My Profile, followed by Tax Information. Within the mobile app, select the menu icon on the top left, then Statements.

Tax forms 5498 SA and 5498 ESA report contributions to HSAs and Coverdell ESAs, respectively. Forms 5498 and 5498 SA are available in ComputerLine and sent out via USPS in early May. Form 5498 ESA can be expected in late April.

The 1098 form is only issued if the amount of interest paid was $600 or more over the past year due to the IRS threshold. The 1099-INT is only issued if the amount earned was $10 or more.
How do I enroll to receive eStatements and eNotices?
eStatements can be enrolled in within ComputerLine by selecting My eAlerts from the menu bar just above your Account Summary. Then, select the Notification Settings tab. Select change next to each statement type you wish to update.

To enroll in eStatements within the mobile app, tap the menu icon from the top left portion of the screen, followed by Statements. Select which statements and notices you would like to receive electronically or via mail via the toggles.

You can enroll to receive electronic account notices within ComputerLine by selecting My eAlerts from the menu bar or within the mobile app by selecting the menu icon then select eAlerts.

To setup the time of day you'd like to receive alerts, navigate to the Notification Settings or Enrollment Settings tabs.
What information do I need to provide to someone to have a wire sent to my MSUFCU account?
You will need to provide the following information:

• Beneficiary Institution Name and Address
•ABA/Routing Number: 272479663
•SWIFT Code (for international wires only): MSUCUS44
•Name on Account
•MSUFCU Account Number
•Dollar Amount

Click here to download and print the Incoming Wire Instructions worksheet.
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